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DoseLab Pro

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Open Source DoseLab

Last updated in 2008
Excellent for research uses
Includes full MATLAB R12 source code
Works only with Windows XP
Accurate dose comparisons
Downloaded over 6,000 times in 8 years

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DoseLab Pro

Manufactured by Mobius Medical Systems, LP
Licensed for clinical usage worldwide
World-class support
Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Fast, simple, and powerful dose comparisons

Composed of <5% of DoseLab's original source code

Fully automatic comparisons
Batch processing of dose comparisons
TG142 QA using EPID images
kV, MV, CT, and CBCT Imaging QA
FractionCHECK for treatment log file analysis
Full support for machine QA tolerance settings
Fast internal machine QA database
Exports results to Sun Nuclear's ATLAS 1.3
Built-in customizable PDF reports
Interactive dose normalization
PQI Analytics
MLC strip tests
Winston-Lutz tests
Automatic Winston-Lutz EPID analysis
VMAT EPID analysis
Depth dose film tool
Direct Vidar interface with multi-film support
100x faster DTA calculations
Significantly improved installation
Film calibration profile generation
Custom menu options
PDF merging utility
Image combination utility
Bulk DICOM file renaming
EBT2 blue channel corrections
Full GUI preferences
Preference import/export utilities
Share drive installation support
Enhanced Single Image Analysis routines
Windows file transfers
Improved clinical workflow
Improved gamma calculations
Imporved Film calibration
Improved uniformity corrections
Improved starshot analysis
Light/radiation field coincidence
Improved flatness and symmetry.
Hundreds of speed improvements
Improved DICOM image importing
Hundreds of stability improvements
Signficantly expanded user manual
Telephone and email support
Web support sessions
HD training videos

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Mobius Medical Systems, LP